Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Killing In The Name Of Love

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 240

  Song Lyrics
The old contradiction reaches far and wide, who's standing with you and who's on the other side, Killing in the name of love, The definition having left...
  Song Information
Song title: "Killing In The Name Of Love." Written and recorded by: Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers, BMI C2018
Killing In The Name Of Love
tony cee
02/17/19 01:17:39PM @tony-cee:
fantastic song ,love the harp , this is superb …...tony cee
carol sue
06/18/18 09:18:44AM @carol-sue:
Mack Attack!! (in the best way) ~Bravo!! ;)
Barefoot Music
06/17/18 11:25:45PM @barefoot-music-group:
I like social commentary in songs Mack. Sadly this is a very relevant song still six years later, love the blues harp, perfect mournful addition.
I wish I'd had figured out where the file went to earlier. Have it now.

Farrell Jackson
06/17/18 09:50:01AM @farrell-jackson:
A fine song Mack. Those back ground vocals are to die for...…...Your vocals are always top notch and the harmonica adds a cool vibe to the song. A good one!


Lynn kelly
06/17/18 06:54:12AM @lynnkelly:
Cool shot!📸
Lynn kelly
06/14/18 03:29:16PM @lynnkelly:
This is superb!
I find it very interesting and very timely!
I don’t know all that musician’s lingo for a good song, but I know what I like and I like this to the power of 10.
You the man!

06/14/18 02:25:35PM @mack-sanders:
Wrote and recorded this song about 6 years ago at the garage, thinking maybe it was inappropriate, hoping time would prove me wrong. Still somewhat reluctant to post it. I'm a creature of my musical influences. i hope you find it interesting.



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