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Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Year 25

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: R&B
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So it's year 25, looks like we made it, The tears and the joy, we've seen them through, From the sound of laughter, to the sound of weeping, Blindsided, by...
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Song title: Year 25 Written and recorded by Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers, BMI c2018
Year 25
07/05/18 10:38:02PM @moquinn:
as you wrote "funny how that works" when I began to listen to this song I automatically thought it was your dedication to your wife....began listening at the New Songs page & just had to come over to your page to get a closer view & listen ~ this is beautiful ...lyrics & vocals
07/02/18 02:18:34PM @rokinronda:
Rename to Year 45 for me for next year, lol
07/02/18 02:02:20PM @rokinronda:
Ironically you posted on my 44th anniversary....I love this, beautiful!!!!
carol sue
07/01/18 05:20:14AM @carol-sue:
Amazing song, remarkable you..
You could nail Jell-O to the wall!

06/29/18 11:28:37PM @david-c-deal:
My favorite aspect of this song is the lyrics. Complex, multilayered and real! Great job folks.
06/29/18 07:33:06PM @tlt50:
Love the chord progression, expert songwriting with heartfelt lyrics and the always fabulous vocals.
Awesome tune :)

Larry T.

Lynn kelly
06/29/18 07:03:58PM @lynnkelly:

06/29/18 06:24:34PM @mack-sanders:
This song came as the result of a request to write a 25th anniversary song, which I had misunderstood to be about a happily married couple, only to learn later it was a request to write a 25th anniversary song for the church where we play. So I wrote another song called "Bride Of Christ".
I soon realized that I had written "Year 25" for my own family.
Funny how that works.


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