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Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

The only thing I care about

album: By Your Side
genre: Jazz
streams: 22,392

  Song Lyrics
The Only thing I care aboutWith these eyes wide open, as far as I can see, no need for pretending,When it comes to you and me, except for this little dream...
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Written /performed/ produced by: Mack Sanders  BMI c2009
The only thing I care about
05/01/20 09:25:29PM @soozie:
01/09/10 07:57:10PM @genghisken:
Simply beautiful Mack, love the rhythm and of course the vocals!! This song really shows off your range, I am glad to have heard this one!
03/19/09 09:58:09AM @mark-reed:
I like this piece, has a Sting feel about. The music is excellent, but the vocals really carry this for me. Great lyrics deserve and great performance and this is it very well done
03/18/09 10:11:40AM @josephrodz:
This is too good to be true. All is perfect,sound,voice,music,mixind,mastering,and the Roland R8 too!

Lyrical Princess
03/18/09 03:32:47AM @lyrical-princess:
WOW Mack!! What A Beautiful Work Of Art... And I Get To Review It First :) ..As Always, Your Vocals Are Perfect... And What A Lovely Melody.. Another Very Enjoyable, Soothing Song With Awesome Lyrics... All The Best, Linda
08/11/09 11:50:34AM @vesa:
I really enjoy the start with the laid back percussives, & then your equally gentle vocals comes in so well. Very easy going warm guitar playing, at the same sound level as the percussion. Your vocals really shine nicely with this mix. Love the lyrics, a romantic feel. Neat bridge on this, a good variance adds to the longing mood. The arranging is well thought through. Great production kept fairly minimal & that works so well with this tunes theme.
EXCELLENT wonderful composition. Certainly worth more listens. Love it Mack.
-Thanks for the pleasure. -Your friend. -Vesa.


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