Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Harder on MySelf

album: By Your Side
genre: Pop
streams: 21,937

  Song Lyrics
  Harder on myself   Look at the way I hold the shoulders, pointed to the ground,Look at the way I hold these hopeless eyes, always looking down, Sometimes...
  Song Information
Harder on myself   Written, performed, recorded, produced by: Mack Sanders C 2008 BMI
Harder on MySelf
07/24/20 01:26:16PM @ian-kudzinowski:
really nice work
05/04/20 05:03:32PM @soozie:
And I LOVE the guitar !!!!
05/04/20 04:56:45PM @soozie:
Mack, I just discovered this song of yours a few days ago! I’ve been listening to it a lot as it expresses my feelings so well! Thank you!
05/01/20 05:01:16PM @soozie:
05/10/09 05:09:54PM @vesa:
Very, very good tune, with very fine lyrics; an emotive song with a romantic touch from your soul. Well written. Your vocals are simply perfect. The backup is great; good placement of the guitar short solo, -it compliments your voice so well. This compositon is well thought through and genuinely sung from experience.Love that guitar solo at the end. Perfectly done. A truly FAB production.
Love this one Mack. Wonderful expressive tune.
EXCELLENT. -Your friend. -Vesa.


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