Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Cold Cold Hot

album: Cover me_Lucindra
genre: Blues
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  Song Information
Cold Cold Heart ; Written by Hank Williams Cold Cold Hot; recorded by Mack Sanders For promotion only, not for sale.
Cold Cold Hot
Mista Perez
03/07/13 10:31:30AM @mista-perez:
This is a cover thats very well done. Your voice is a true gift Mack and you use it so very well.
03/06/13 08:20:18AM @cooter:
Cool cover, Mack. Really nicely done, good sir.


03/05/13 09:27:22PM @tlt50:
Sweet......Magic Bro. !!! Stellar in all ways....Awesome......:) ******
P Eric Bailey
03/05/13 02:45:00PM @p-eric-bailey:
I would love to hear you perform this live! Very cool.


03/04/13 05:18:15PM @elanie11:
Helloooo Mack Attack, Smooth Guy sexy, great voice!! fantastic!! I love it!! but I'm not Cold Cold I'm Hot! Hot!!! will done Mack!! :) Mahal Kita!!


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