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Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

How do I love you

album: By Your Side
genre: Ballad
streams: 23,094

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How do I love youWritten recorded, performed,Produced by: Mack SandersBMI c 2009Darling ,I love you, it seems so easy to say,just to be where you are,at the...
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How do I love youWritten recorded, performed,Produced by: Mack Sanders  BMI c 2009
How do I love you
05/01/20 09:39:20PM @soozie:
07/10/10 10:43:44PM @eirik-finbak:
Very good ballad, with well written words.

11/24/09 11:52:25AM @soundtrapper:
Love a great ballad and this is.You have an amazing gift-jeff
Incarnate Word
08/31/09 12:11:50AM @incarnate-word:
I dont think there are words that capture the spirit more than music. Your music and legacy
are a testimony to the indelible truth.That being said. it is an honor to know you and hear your music. Best of success and Happiness in all of your life.

05/03/09 11:24:52PM @missdiane1966:
Once again, your music and lyrics to this song has brought me to tears (happy ones)! You've helped me through some tough times with your songs, and I'll always appreciate you being my friend through these tough times we're in. Love ya always! - Diane
04/16/09 03:52:10PM @vesa:
Very tranquil start, lovely soft guitar sound...your vocals carries this so well, you put so much emotional expression into your music; this is great, like the lyrics; great writing, fine love song.
Easy listening; worth more listens....relaxing, just what I need now. Wonderful composition Mack.
Fine guitar artistry.
EXCELLENT song. -Your friend. -Vesa.
Thanks for the pleasure. Take care.

04/16/09 10:54:21AM @dazed:
Hey Mack! Your music always sounds so pro. Radio ready and in a class all by themselves, your songs reach out to everyone. That is an amazing talent.
04/16/09 08:49:38AM @blue-sahara:
As with all of your song, this one too reflects your passion for music, your love for singing. Very melodic, very beautiful. Excellent production Mack!

04/16/09 07:36:43AM @mel:
There is that beautiful voice of yours Mack, so gentle and full of emotion. Wonderful lyrics, from the heart wrapped around this lovely melody. Gave me goosebumps!! Loved this, going to go and grizzle now!! LOL........ Melsi
Lyrical Princess
04/15/09 03:37:19PM @lyrical-princess:
This one reaches straight for the heart Mack.. This song is just Beautiful beyond words.. I think this is by far, my favorite.. The lyrics & your always gentle vocals are superb.. Definately worth listening to time and time again.. 5*****'s + All The Best, LP
04/16/09 04:03:46AM @mike-lynn:
Beautiful & lovely song. Truly enjoyable. The style & vocal remind me of Peter Cetera rightaway. Great job. / Mike
04/16/09 07:06:09AM @mark-reed:
You have a talent for delivering a very moving number. The lyrics on this one are magic. But the performance shines. very nice song well done
12/21/09 09:34:33PM @genghisken:
Another great Mack Sanders song! Just heard this one on the Ride with BigPete, and I;m glad I did! I must have missed this one!!
04/21/09 06:26:41AM @bilbozo:
Mack you never cease to amaze me. You can take any listener and turn them into a helpless romantic. You don't know how much joy your music brings to myself and my family. This song like "My little Girl" pulls so much at the heart strings and warms anyones emotional side to burst with love and yes, even to the point of tears, the tears of happiness. Mission accomplished bro ! - Bilbozo
04/15/09 03:38:26PM @slowmarchingband:
A beautiful ballad Mack! Strong composition. Great bass -line. I have mixed feelings on the ditorted, rhythm guitar tho. I guess I wanted to hear something cleaner. The lead sounded good to me. Nice song!
04/20/09 08:26:13PM @tlt50:
Mack....Another beautifully produced,written and performed song. Your amazing vocals are superb. Heartfelt lyrics..the instrumentaion and chord progression is very well done. Totally enjoyed the change,which adds to an already wonderful track !!
Great work..... Excellent !!

Larry T *****


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