Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Here In your Arms TLT50 & Mack

album: By Your Side
genre: Acapella
streams: 23,868

  Song Lyrics
It's late in the evening and here I goblues after midnight, on the radio,and these white lines seem to move so fast,And yet they move so slow, Blue Lights...
  Song Information
Song Title : Here In your ArmsMusic sound track written recorded and produced by:Larry Talbot/TLT50co-producer, lyrics and vocals by Mack Sanders  
Here In your Arms TLT50 & Mack
carol sue
03/04/18 08:33:31PM @carol-sue:
Sweet in hearing this perfect song again..
and reading some of the wonderful comments from old friends.
Time goes by. This song stays timeless.


06/23/15 04:42:17PM @tenacfleming:
beautiful, lyrics and vocals, sexy bluesy music..
06/19/09 03:40:48PM @vesa:
This has a great rhythm...very fine mood, such good vocal, as always, GREAT! Like that synth high pitc sound; perfect choice for this romantic mood. Lots of wishing & hope in the lyrics. Like the weaving of the words...well arranged composition. Neat harmonies; so fine. Like that part where you & most instruments move into the mid/back letting the piano carry on with the humming & synth strings in the background & out again; very neat. A really FAB song. Flows so well. Worth lots of listens.
EXCELLENT Mack. Good chemistry. Love this. A fave.
-Your friend. -Vesa. (Thanks for the pleasure).

05/21/09 03:40:40PM @baracasa:
i needed a mack moment, so i can here to get it!!!!!, great song great work!, so beautiful!
05/04/09 11:38:24PM @digger-stone:
NOW HERE'S A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! bad ass! nothing else you can say!

04/25/09 12:04:16PM @tlt50:
Mack....I'm so proud to have been a part of this song. Your excellence is amazing ,my friend !!The vocals,lyrics and wonderous harmonies are brilliant. Thank you , sooo much....cheers >>>>> :beer: :-)

Larry T *****

Lyrical Princess
04/24/09 03:02:53PM @lyrical-princess:
Mack,You never cease to amaze me.. The lyrics & your smooth vocals are working perfectly with Larry's backing music. This soundtrack has always been a favorite of mine... and I think it's wonderful that the two of you did this collab.. Brilliant work.. Must I say more ? I Love It!! All The Best, Linda
04/24/09 06:53:57AM @dazed:
Mack your songs are always top notch. Excellent lyrics and amazing vocals. This just has a great sound and an excellent delivery!
04/24/09 05:40:41AM @durod:
Love the smooth, mellow groove that definitely give it that "midnight cruise on the highway" feel to it. Vocals are super smooth and the entire production is A+, as are the lyrics. Very nice.
Rogers-Tennison Band
08/15/09 11:24:38AM @rogers-tennison-band:
I heard this last night on Mack's show and I thought I would bring it back up front in case anyone missed it. Turn this up and listen to the mountain of stuff going on throughout tune. This musical valium will cure whatever ails you.
05/10/09 08:11:18PM @alan-stewart:
awesome song.. piano and all blend together perfectly..
03/15/12 10:49:35PM @kara:
I have always enjoyed this tune! Awesome collab!


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