Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Running for cover

album: VoodooGazillion
genre: Blues
streams: 23,134

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Running for cover written and rrecorded by Mack Sanders c 2011 BMI Hey Hey baby,, do you wanna go running down the street, splash in the puddles, with no...
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Running for cover written and recorded by Mack Sanders c 2011 BMI
Running for cover
08/15/11 11:15:06AM @bigpete:
Run For Cover, MAAAAAAAAAAACK ATACK, just perfect as usual, your talent is just awsome, never a dull moment with Mack, great production performance and all the rest just damn perfect, some good Southern Blues, Bayou Style, love it, peace bro.
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08/10/11 06:58:12PM @:
You have got so much soul! Doesn't matter what genre you are singing its always full of soul. I dug the lyrics here and it was easy to sing along with. Very cool, man! You have a voice that is so old school and full of that husk that makes singing the blues just a cakewalk for you. Catchy and full of emotion. Enjoyed this...well done!
08/10/11 05:17:35PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
I most like the fairly stark tones here - but of course Mack's versatile voice is so individual and for me, classic of so many American voices of the 70's - well I enjoyed it and the groove is pretty neat too. ftlpope
08/25/11 11:19:06AM @lucindra:
Mack....It was a pleasure hearing this come together from early stages to finished product...!! as's another fine example of your talented musical and vocal skills....not only as a writer and performer....but your engineering sklls are top notch as well.....very lively and fun !!!!!!
Lyrical Princess
08/11/11 12:00:30AM @lyrical-princess:
Nice rockin' tune Mack.. What can I say..? I Love EVERYTHING about this track!! Magnificent :) 5*****


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