Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Fooling My self

album: VoodooGazillion
genre: Indie
streams: 35,438

  Song Lyrics
I don't go out anymore, not like I did once before, I 've got your photogragh perfectly placed , here on the floor, I'm so attracted to you, still can't...
  Song Information
Fooling Myself Written performed recorded produced by Mack Sanders Lyrical contribution by Lenie Beltz c2009 BMI
Fooling My self
06/19/20 01:15:59PM @soozie:
Ive listened to this song so many times! Love it!!!! Beautiful and so meaningful for me.
05/01/20 05:17:32PM @soozie:
07/05/19 02:20:30AM @keithsmusic:
Awesome song!
carol sue
09/03/18 09:04:55PM @carol-sue:
»»--(¯`v´¯)=>> "Mixposure Classic!"

~Bravo (again and again) Mack!~ :)

carol sue
03/04/18 08:23:36PM @carol-sue:
My words disappeared from here from years ago.. (silly me) lol
but, the way this song has made me feel with each and every listen~
will probably stay with me forever. Such a superb talent you are.


One-eyed Jack
12/05/17 03:13:01AM @one-eyed-jack:
what a wonederful song....could be my theme song...great job
08/19/15 05:02:17PM @mosesjones:
Great Song. Loved It!
08/08/14 07:54:09AM @the-humps:
What can I say that hasn't already been said, this is wonderful! The lyrics really impressed me as well as the singing. The production has a nice soft feel to it, it's a comforting feel. Nice arrangement, it's all good!!


Brett Service
10/15/13 09:07:48PM @brett-service:
This deserves 10 not 5 stars. You have amazing talent, and the presentation is 2nd to none here.
02/09/12 12:48:05AM @sylkay:
Larry Talbot said listen to this - wow am I glad he did. Amazingly beautiful awesome vocals and arrangement and I got goosebumps :-)
12/10/11 07:42:15PM @crazy-insane-killer-nice-guy:
Very good song I like it very much
11/19/11 11:03:26AM @dolce:
Thank you Mack for opening this one up to be downloaded. It's a wonderful that moves the listener to tears.

Kudos sir.

01/10/11 05:30:35PM @miguel-a-wilder:
Mack has a very soulful, silky type voice. Full of emotion. I love it.

Great song, all around.

Human Cometh
01/07/11 03:02:26AM @human-cometh:
Great song! Nice voice!
Rob Grant
01/06/11 03:09:51PM @rayon-vert:
Mack....You really are one HECK of a GREAT singer. This song is GREAT!!!!! Man!! I LOVE that bass work.

01/06/11 10:57:35AM @richard-krankoski:
Wow. Great song, lyrics, performance. Thanks carol Sue for the link.
01/04/11 07:26:32AM @miracle-maker:
A beautiful track... very emotional but healing in its own complexity. Well produced and played. Thanks to Carol for suggesting it :)


01/03/11 10:50:41PM @jobar44:
Hi Mark,

A wonderful song with heartfelt lyrics, Excellent singing, awesome guitar work and a fine production. All the best mate "Cheers"! Joe

01/03/11 10:43:51PM @shane:
yep ! Carol Sue is right. I never happened upon any of your music before, but came to have a listen from CSK's tip, and, ---- yeah , Foolin myself is a magnificent creation of song and expression. very fine vocal style. i'll have to hear more of Mack's music... but for the moment, i better get to sleep - or tomorrow i'll be useless. : )

thanks for the heads up Carol.

01/05/11 05:11:36PM @the-cryb-lunarium-ellsbeth-woolgather:
Thank you CS, for recommending this "Song Of The Week from Carol Sue" - Phenominal and emotionally charged music! Thumbs Up!
10/28/11 08:29:43AM @yellow-jumps-twice:
What a wonderful tune! Just right for a walk through the autumn landscape. Wideness, silence and peace and a drop of melancholy - the formula for a breathing song. Reminds me of the slower tunes by Toad The Wet Sprocket.
Farrell Jackson
10/07/09 10:47:15AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent song Mack! Your vocals are as good as ever and always pitch perfect......a real singer's singer. Great lyric to go with a great song!


10/07/09 09:18:43AM @tcp:
Mack...great vocals and vox line in this. Your voice has an element of Michael Frank (i believe i'm thinking of the right person) in it. Which is to say, highly elastic with wonderful dynamics and pitch control. Really an awesome performance that sounds so well with the simple but poetic lyric and the understated acoustic and fretless bass. Really, this is perfect. ..Blake
10/07/09 07:06:00AM @dazed:
Mack this tune is exceptional. Vocal melody on this is fantastic. Your songs are so radio friendly and also have a great buildup to the chorus. Yeah I think you are one of the best song writers I have heard.
10/07/09 02:10:51AM @buddrumming:
Yep...Why do i have to be the first to leave a review.... Mack is one of the real musical artists to me....he of best vocalist i have ever heard...or worked with...Mack, this song rocks...great sound...great production and wicked vocals.....Thx, Bud
01/04/11 08:42:23PM @rocketmaxx:
Wow...has such a wonderful flow to it.Nicely played and sung .


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