Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Liar gonna steal from you

album: VoodooGazillion
genre: Rock and Roll
streams: 22,729

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"Son, if a man will lie to you, the next thing he will do , is steal from you."My Dad has told me this since i was very youg and i have searched for...
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Song title: "Liar gonna steal from you"Written, performed , produced by Mack Sanders2010US-STL-08-00012
Liar gonna steal from you
Silent Stranger
02/27/15 09:27:24PM @silent-stranger:
Good upbeat tempo to this song.
01/21/12 02:57:49PM @dolce:
I've been dancing around and singing this song to myself half the day. Not sure why I haven't gotten here before now...this is a great song!

Kudos Mack,

09/04/10 12:02:02PM @cooter:
Another smokin tune. Solid driving beat, musicianship beyond reproach, in-the-pocket vocals... it's just a darn good time, this tune.
05/16/10 07:15:48AM @bri-an:
...if there was chemistry in toon writing...this is a prime example of it...I was blown away hearing this for the first time..not only can everyone on this planet can relate to the wise words projected, they can also bop thier heads in total agreement with the drivin rock&roll groove set forth before us...
Is it the delivery? Is it the production? that surely helps of course,but... it's just the plain honest truth, displayed in a natural musical release by an artist whom obviously knows what the word "resolve" means.
Your Father is a very wise man....I can't think of anything better in this world that one could leave for his son than the truth....
I would not lie to you....this IS a great song!!!
tonsOrespect Mack !! excellent. bri-an

01/28/10 05:04:47PM @bigpete:
Man can you rock, wow, reminded me of The Eagles when they rocked, great production, amazing performance, I know I could have ask you for the track but I though I'd buy it to show my appreciation of your talent, great track Mack, hey here is a new nickname for you, Great Track Mack, GTM.


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