Margot MacDonald
Margot MacDonald


album: sneek peak 2008
genre: Rock
streams: 352

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Plays a masked ball Behind her walls Where she likes to hide Her denials Wear a smile Locks herself inside Doesn't fit in Wears a thick skin She is...
10/08/17 05:47:22PM @robert-watson:
I'm loving the song Walls right now. It is very slick and unique. Keep up the good work.


09/27/08 02:32:34PM @terry-ponder:
absolutly fantastic, Great vocals superb writing. I cant get over your voice. you are just amazing, never stop doing this, you where made for it.



08/06/08 07:05:09PM @aparition:
Here I can listen to this mellow and deep voice. I would mixed her a little higher, as I feel the powerful rock behind, sometimes opaques what is the real meaning on this rockful song! A Marvelous Voice!

Next review I'm sure is the one with the warm expression I need to hear...

But this one is a piece of it's own. Great Margot!!!!!!!!


02/04/08 01:21:04PM @brian-futch:
Another great cut. You've shown that so far you're not a fluke. You're songs are catchy and hit you in the gut. A real standout. You've got talent, no doubt.
01/24/08 01:59:58AM @pyramis:
Great band. Whoever is putting the money behind this production is spending it on some good talent.Band is very tight,and it doesn't hurt that this is a professionally done commercial recording.
Independent? I don't think so.
Dependent upon whoever is paying for all of this pro production.
Good voice,and well packaged with this pro band.

01/22/08 01:33:05PM @michael-nunley:
A pleasure to listen to. Super glad to have you here on the site. I nice upgrade for us

01/22/08 11:32:39AM @mark-reed:
Excellent number, I can't say anymore, you are very very good
Grumpy Old Player
01/22/08 08:20:47AM @thedonsterproject:
As already noted - this has some cool dynamics to it.

I have to say this: I love the muted guitar that comes in at 2:16. I know it's just a minor part of the song, but it's an attention grabber for me.

Another winner - well done.

01/22/08 06:55:50AM @dazed:
Talent just oozes from your songs. exceptional vocals and killer guitar playing. the melody on here is very solid. I love the change ups you do in your songs. Piano is an outstanding addition in here.

You write some great hooks Margot ;)

01/22/08 05:09:48AM @the-deep:
Yeah!!! top pro stuff. This is the second track i've heard of you-- real fine. Love it. I still find myself drawing a comparison to Pat Benatar. -- that's a huge compliment.

01/21/08 11:40:50PM @buddrumming:
Very Nice production on this WhereWolf says...Damn Amazing young Lady...Bud
01/21/08 06:29:02PM @tlt50:
Damn' amazing young lady. Exceptional talent.!!! Thanks for sharing your music.....

Larry T. *****

01/21/08 06:17:26PM @saitkoray:
very well performed and englis is weak so i can't understand lyrics but vocal line is great...another great job..i do love guitar playing..very professional tune...I DO LOVE THIS....five stars from me *****
01/22/08 03:23:05AM @diva:
Margot -- I'm hooked on your music and songs big-time. This is a great little rocker featuring a lot of dynamics, great harmony guitars, a funky little piece of drum work -- nice as always.



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