Sunsets for Momma (featuring my heart)

album: Ms. P's Compositions
genre: Indy Chill
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I had this posted under Mr. P I composed this song for the sunset pic my mom sent me just before she passed. I know she's in a better place with more...
Sunsets for Momma (featuring my heart)
01/01/18 01:01:49PM @ms-p:
Hey Hooyoosay. Thanks for the review. I listen to this now and then and it still tuggs at my heart just as strongly as the first time my Mom and I listened to it together. I played this at her wake and then at her life celebration party and I cried each time. I still get teary eyed even now....

Again Thanks

01/01/18 08:19:00AM @hooyoosay:
You can clearly sense it, it's all there, all that is said in the 'song information'.


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