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Around The World
Randy Gabel
03/05/21 06:33:21PM @randy-gabel:
Thanks Dave
Fender Bender
03/04/21 06:09:51PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
Tasty riffs; love the guitar's tones!
02/27/21 06:49:51PM @stringking:
Great tone, articulation and melody lines.
Randy Gabel
02/27/21 12:15:44AM @randy-gabel:
Thanks !
Shifter Sisters
02/26/21 08:28:12PM @shifter-sisters:
great stuff Randy..!
sounds powerful..!

Randy Gabel
02/26/21 06:49:46PM @randy-gabel:
Thanks Gary
Gary Dabrowski
02/26/21 04:41:26PM @gary-dabrowski:
cool song...a little hint of Jeff Beck's 'Rice Pudding'...kinda, sorta
Randy Gabel
02/26/21 11:16:52AM @randy-gabel:
Thanks Queen-Regina
Queen Regina
02/26/21 06:13:59AM @queen-regina:
Wow. The music screams lyrics & title. Nice. Big captivating sound. I like this.
Randy Gabel
02/25/21 03:29:19PM @randy-gabel:
Thanks tony-cee
tony cee
02/25/21 02:36:33PM @tony-cee:
nice guitar work , randy .great tune .....cheers tony cee


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