Robin DeLorenzo
Robin DeLorenzo

It Does Something Featuring Manny Charlton

album: Walkin' Miles in My Shoes
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 106
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Co Written: Manny Charlton, Robin DeLorenzo Producer: Andy HuenerbergRecorded, Mixed, Mastered: Steve Jankowski, Jankland Recording Featured Guitarist:...
It Does Something Featuring Manny Charlton
02/06/16 08:10:44AM @steven-cogoli:
A ton of energy with a "soulful" voice....Loved it!
01/14/16 10:18:41PM @hydrogen3:
10/11/15 07:19:51AM @sergejjovic5:
great melody line, music and voice...!
Joe Pops Bredow
09/24/15 11:28:22AM @joe-pops-bredow:
Robin I love you voice on every thing you do! Keep up the great work.
kevin woog
07/11/15 04:30:50PM @kevin-woog:
Hi Robin, Great song! Hooks you from the beginning!
04/21/15 03:54:09AM @papi:
Hi Robin. Congrats on song of the week. Love your voice and everything else about this tune. You all rock.
Tara Lewis
04/13/15 03:41:12PM @tara-lewis:
great vocals : )
Elizabeth Storms
03/10/15 08:33:24PM @elizabeth-storms:
What a groove to this tune. I can't stop tapping my foot! Excellent guitar work.
03/06/15 03:12:56PM @gene-smith:
Very cool rocker right here! Well deserved Song Of The Week!
03/03/15 07:10:28PM @robin-delorenzo:
Thank you @Jims-Artificial-Earth!! He wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics and melody line - rockin' tune. Summer 2012, I recorded an album with Manny, Tim Bogert, Vivian Campbell, Walfredo Reyes Jr and Steven Adler - the album title is Hellacious - about sums up the entire experience!


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