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Roger Aldridge
Roger Aldridge

Rainy Afternoon

genre: Ballad, Jazz
streams: 64

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Rainy Afternoon
Roger Aldridge
04/02/15 02:36:03PM @roger-aldridge:
Here's a link to the tune's page on my website. You might enjoy reading about how the tune evolved. The page also has the lead sheet.
Lyrical Princess
04/02/15 02:17:14PM @lyrical-princess:
A rainy day sure can bring out the inspiration.. And this music makes me want to close my eyes and pretend I'm dancing in the rain... I love it!! Just lovely :)
Roger Aldridge
04/02/15 01:45:43PM @roger-aldridge:
So glad you like it!
Barefoot Music
04/02/15 12:47:18PM @barefoot-music-group:
Love a song about rain and this beauty implies a gentle rainy kind of afternoon.
04/02/15 08:28:07AM @reeker:
Ah the good old days of sheet music, lol. Yes they did wonderful!
Roger Aldridge
04/02/15 08:09:23AM @roger-aldridge:
Thanks so much! You might find it interesting to know
the musicians on the recording simply used a lead sheet instead of an arrangement. They are excellent players!

04/02/15 07:13:40AM @reeker:
Absolutely beautiful composition. One thing I noticed is every instrument has its place and part which sounds fantastic!


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