Roger Aldridge
Roger Aldridge
Roger Aldridge

Appalachian Awakening

genre: Bossa Nova, Old-Time Fiddle
streams: 55

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Appalachian Awakening
04/02/15 07:08:37AM @reeker:
Vig knows how to pick em :) great song love how this flows and an excellent job on the arrangement! Perfect!
Roger Aldridge
11/29/14 03:41:16PM @roger-aldridge:
Vic, Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you like this piece. It's helpful to follow the score while listening to the recording. Lots of subtle things happening in the writing -- in particular, the bossa nova part. This page on my site has a link to the score:
10/14/14 06:15:13PM @vig-wig:
Now I know how people feel (sort of, any way, lol) when they hear one of my cracked tracks. The fiddle was an unexpected sound, but it changed into an integral part. Then the tracks evolved into a peppy fiddle number and finally lead to an Irish-jig-sounding track. I finally had to pause it because I couldn't type as fast as I heard the changes and would have forgotten what they were or what I would like this comment on your fine music to include. Taken as a hole, it was a tune that will go far here at the Mix, IMHO. Vic


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