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New Release! Tangos

user image 2019-08-18
By: Roger Aldridge
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New Release!  Tangos

A digital album of my original tangos has been released at Bandcamp. 

I  am deeply attracted to tango nuevo and  Astor Piazzolla 's  music. My tangos are written in a personal style and are not intended to be like conventional ballroom tango music. They draw upon jazz and at times have a touch of contemporary classical. In a curious way, several musician friends have told me that they hear a  Frank Zappa  influence in some of my tangos. I suspect that is due to the humor that runs through much of my music. 

The 7-track album is $7. The music can be streamed (with the free Bandcamp app) or downloaded. As another option, individual recordings are $1 per track. Purchases help to fund new recordings of my originals. 

Here is a link to the album:  Tangos


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