When You're Down

album: Clean Mind, Dirty Thoughts
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 145

  Song Lyrics
I went up to the stationTo meet you at the trainImagine my frustrationWhen no one turned up again Chorus:When you're down you gotta keep downWhen you're low...
  Song Information
Was very ill recently and it put me in a depressed frame of mind. This song reflects the mood and also greatly influenced by The Rolling Stones
When You're Down
12/21/16 11:43:55AM @ronbowes:

Thanks Gary. Very pleased to get SOTW. Was a nice surprise ;-)

Gary Shukoski
12/20/16 10:08:48AM @gary-shukoski:
Congrats on SOTW man. This here sounds like something Mick Jagger and the boys would record. Great lyrics and vocals and I love the tone you got on that guitar lead!
12/20/16 06:57:35AM @ronbowes:

Thankyou for listening Bill-B. Appreciated ;-)

12/20/16 06:55:19AM @ronbowes:

Thanks erne. Glad it hits the spot ;-)

bill b
12/19/16 11:49:26PM @bill-b:

It has a great retro rock sound but retains a wonderful  uniqueness.

The song reminds me of Warren Zevon  for some reason although it sounds nothing like it or maybethe Band with Levon Helm.

Nice work.

12/19/16 07:27:01PM @erne:

Yeah Ron, I can hear the Stones influence here. This is a great tune with a straight up message that resonates with me. Good rocknroll.

12/19/16 06:44:20PM @ronbowes:

I am grateful for the great feedback Rich, Farrell, Jim and Toni. Like many, I am on a number of music sites. Mix is by far and away the one I am most at home with. The quality across the board is higher than anywhere else IMHO. Thanks for making this poor bo' feel welcome.

Barefoot Music
12/19/16 05:34:52PM @barefoot-music-group:

I never left a comment here? Must be confusing it with YouTube and FB eh?

What more can I add Ron.... except THIS had my vote.... though choosing just one track from your catalog not easy. I am a fan of that Loooowww!!

Farrell Jackson
12/19/16 11:45:39AM @farrell-jackson:

Ron, I'm back for another listen to this good blues rocker and to say congratulations on "When You're Down" being chosen as the Mixposure Song Of The Week... the choice was right on the money!


12/19/16 11:23:50AM @lodato:
You can hear how much of yourself you put into this. That resonates with me big time. SOTW is well deserved!
12/10/16 10:22:40AM @ronbowes:

Thanks a lot Lee and CB. Much obliged ;-)

Leslee Allan Songs
12/10/16 06:39:01AM @lesleeallansongs:


Charlie Beige
12/08/16 08:34:37PM @charlie-beige:

Hi Ron, i was feeling like a blues listen day and you have served up some delish blues the vocals as well. Thanks for the choon will have a listen to some more of yours.

Cheers from Oz

12/06/16 07:20:59AM @ronbowes:

Yeah, difficult sometimes to pidgeon-hole genres, Farrell. I have marked t as bliues rock now. Thanks for the feedback.

Farrell Jackson
12/03/16 02:28:03PM @farrell-jackson:

I know you've classified this as soft rock but it's far from that...maybe not hard rock but let's say medium rock, lol. The melody is so memorable that I'm  going to be hearing it the rest of the's an ear worm! I'm glad you're feeling better Ron and feel like putting out good music like this again. Bring on some more!


12/02/16 06:38:02AM @ronbowes:

Thankyou Dace and Mare. Glad you enjoyed it ;-)

11/28/16 10:20:24AM @ronbowes:

Thanks very much Tricia. I am recovering from illness and work shift permitting have startedto come into chat - see you there ;-)


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