Blackwater's Music Shack

By ron.bowes, 2021-07-15
Blackwater's Music Shack

It's thursday! So, it must be Blackwater's Music Shack night! Doors open 8:00 pm EST (1:00 am BST). If you want to rock out, then join me tonight  at the music shack and I will play some of the best indie artists on  the planet. New tracks, old tracks and chat tracks.  Mixstream radio is the place to be!

"Outlaw" - new album

By ron.bowes, 2021-06-25
"Outlaw" - new album

Out now! "Outlaw" - The new album by Ron D Bowes Get yer cash out and buy a slice of Bowes!! Available on most streaming and download sites.


Isaac Banks DJ VALLEY FM 89.5 - "Oozes out soulful rock sounds of electrifying blues rock. This man was born to sing the blues! -

Mike Five DJ NMS - "The now legendary Ron Bowes"

Larry Talbot DJ - "Fantastic songwriting"

Fans of Jimmy Century (band) - "So wicked and dangerous as usual!"

John's Indie Music Zone

"Backstreets and Shady Deals" By the magnificent Ron D Bowes

Tobi (Artist) - "Professional noisemaker and fulltime troublemaker @RonBowes3 drops some bluesy soulful goodness for your kiddies! Raspy acoustics and dirty electrics!"

Partners in Crhyme : First Offense

By ron.bowes, 2019-05-31

So Carol Sue and I have teamed up to make an album as Partners in Crhyme and it's called "First offense"

It is available now on iTunes, and on Spotify and Deezer and will be available on all other main platforms over the next fe weeks

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Old Dog, New Licks

By ron.bowes, 2019-01-28

promo pic for old dog 2.jpg

My latest album out now on all good download and streaming sites. 

Track list

1: Let It Burn

2: Blues Story

3: Bird On My Arm

4: Say What You Wanna Say

5: I Can't Breathe (feat. Ricky Moore)

6: Death Of Me (feat. Paul Rainbird)

7: When It's Gone

8: Sweet Miranda

9: Fire And Blood

10: Set Me Free

11: Let Lady Luck Decide (feat. 8$Rum)

12: Heading For Heaven's Gate (feat. Ricky Moore)

13: Slasher Horror Movie Queen

14: Gimme Moonshine

Also available to listen to for free on my website or you can buy the album using paypal:

My latest album : All The World's A cage - is available now across all good platforms.

Full to the brim with rocking and bluesy numbers delivered in that Blackwater Bowes recognisable style "All The World's A cage" will rock yer sox off!

The track list as follows:

01. What You Got To Say

02. Help me Doctor

03. That's My Home

04. No Mystery

05. Be Mine

06. In It For The Ride

07. Come in From the Rain

08. Hunting For You

09. You're Like drug To Me

10. Angels In A Row

11. It Don't Matter (It Don't Mean A thing)

12. Get On the Bus

13. Miss Katherine Regrets

14. Whole Lotta Hole





google play:

My web site - You can listen to the album for free :

Two Fingers of Red-Eye

By ron.bowes, 2018-01-20
Two Fingers of Red-Eye

Out now! On iTunes, Google play, Amazon and Spotify and Deezer. Other platforms soon. 
Track List:

Down and Dirty
I Got the Busted Up Cadillac, Got a Monkey On My Back, Steam Driven Guitar Blues
Fortune Teller
Two Fingers of red-Eye
Drowning Man
If You Don't, Then the Devil Will
It'll Be OK
Wicked Son
Sailing Home
That's the Situation
Get Back
Beside me
Save Your Honey for Me

Last Man Standing

By ron.bowes, 2017-09-03

OK, my latest album (a double album) is out on the download and streaming sites nowtrack list  last man standing.JPG


The Ballad Of Blackwater Bowes

By ron.bowes, 2017-04-11
The Ballad Of Blackwater Bowes

My new album "The Ballad of Blackwater Bowes" is due out over the next few days on all good digital download stores.

The running order is as follows:

Heading Down the Highway

Another Man

Listen On Up

Love in Vain (Robert Johnson)

I Got Mine

Someone You Can Always Call

She's a Bad Girl

Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon)

Yesterday's News

The Blackwater Shuffle

No One's Gonna Make a Fool of Me

It Ain't Rock and Roll

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