album: Two Fingers of Red-Eye
genre: Halloween 2017
streams: 48

  Song Lyrics
Wander to the kitchen Pour myself a brew Think about the future What am I to do? I look outside my window pane At the mindless human drones Just like lambs...
  Song Information
About loss of identity and the ever nearing zombie apocalypse.....
06/16/20 11:55:52AM @zest-radio-show:
When you wrote this song, did you ever imagine that that "something in the air" would be what it is in 2020? This track really digs deep into the human condition...Did you ever imagine that you may have predicted the future of what we have become... Zombified! I like the nitty gritty feel of this song! I feel like I'm now Zombified in a good way!
carol sue
09/18/17 12:12:03PM @carol-sue:
Just watched the video this morning!
Bowes, you're over the top of being a cool, creative guy, and an awesome entertainer!
Fantastic, fun tune which I much enjoyed! :)

Farrell Jackson
09/17/17 02:06:13PM @farrell-jackson:
I bought insurance against the looming Zombie Apocalypse Ron, lol. This would make a great entry for the Mixposure 2017 Halloween Songs. A good one!


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