Sailing Home

album: Two Fingers of Red-Eye
genre: Ballad
streams: 44

  Song Lyrics
The Battle's doneThe war is wonWe'll send our dead to the deepBeneath the starsWe'll tend our scarsAnd settle down to sleep Raise your drinks up to the...
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A soft rock ballad (or folk) about world weary mariners on their way home after war.
Sailing Home
10/23/17 08:34:53PM @tlt50:
Beautiful song Ron....Bravo *****
Farrell Jackson
10/23/17 11:20:06AM @farrell-jackson:
I listened to this last night Ron but was too beat to comment so I'm back for another listen. First off a great story and the chorus vocals/melody are fantastic and creates a perfect dynamic lift for the song. The acoustic guitar and the octave lead solo are a good choice fit for this style. A fine ballad...did I mention I love everything about the chorus :o).


10/22/17 02:34:26PM @erne:
This is very good, Ron. You deliver a ballad quite nicely. A good solid sound that I'll be singin in my head all day..


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