Ellie-May (feat. Ray Brookes) - 2019 Revamp

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genre: Southern Rock
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A popular song from my first album. I have long wanted to revamp this one. So, here it is 2019 style! For those interested in such things: The bass has been...
Ellie-May (feat. Ray Brookes) - 2019 Revamp
05/01/19 01:52:24PM @ronbowes:
Thanks @carol-sue @lorne-reid @farrell-jackson @tlt50 and @gary-hart for the kind comments
04/30/19 06:07:17PM @gary-hart:
Wicked Ron!! Fantastic track brotha!! Music and Vox sound great dude 🤘😎🤘
04/30/19 05:49:42PM @tlt50:
Cool slide work, this is awesome songwriting, Ron. Great vocals, I had to fill in a few words with the lyrics, but that's OK. lol;) Ellie-May looks so damn' fine. It's all about the inspiration at times.

AwwwwwOooooooo .......... *Wolf*

Farrell Jackson
04/30/19 10:12:06AM @farrell-jackson:
I remember this song Cuz and the redo sounds excellent !
04/30/19 08:58:34AM @lorne-reid:
Classic Ronbo tune. Love the lyrics!!! And slide. And guitar. And vibe!
carol sue
04/29/19 09:23:41PM @carol-sue:
Enjoyed hearing this rockin' number again!
Excellent revamping, too! Bravo!! *****


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