I Should Have Known

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genre: Blues/Rock
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I Should Have Known
Michael Slider
08/05/21 10:27:14AM @slider:
Thank you all for you kindness. Glad you liked my song. I hate it but I am very superstitious. And this song came from my experience with the black cat. I love all animals. But for me they are a sign of something tragic coming. Long story. The last one came to the window with eyes as yellow as the sun. Looked me right in the eyes. Never to be seen again. The day they came with the ambulance to take my mother away. She then died from COVID. I have many of these black cat experiences. Too many to tell here.
08/04/21 10:48:13PM @stringking:
It’s got atmosphere, vibe and character.
Tony Carlozzi
08/01/21 08:11:53PM @tony-carlozzi:
We Love This one Brother
Twank Whelan
08/01/21 04:05:00PM @twank-whelan:
Love the way the lead on the electric goes on throughout, blends so well with your vocals. Good lyric, may take a few more listens to make all of those out...oh well :)
08/01/21 02:49:47PM @lodato:
This is raw and very expressively musical. I like the stops. Adds drama and suspense. Make for a great soundtrack.
08/01/21 01:53:45PM @lorne-reid:
Nice one Michael. great emotion
07/31/21 08:08:57PM @bad-love-junkie:
You have a fantastic voice. Your music reminds a bit Rowland S Howard who just happens to be one of my favorite artists. Nicely done

Queen Regina
07/31/21 05:10:45PM @queen-regina:
Wow. #IShouldHaveKnown Brother, this is a well written story song. Blessings to you . A bit of production helps & you'll have another #QueenReginaPickhit hashtagged here for you. Let's see if our listeners agree. Now this is your strengths here BROTHER @Slider. Sing it Bro. Heal & grow. You will know.


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