Terry Wigmore
Terry Wigmore

A Shooter's On The Loose

album: A Few Tunes From My Hobbit Hole 2018
genre: Rock
streams: 37

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Lyrics:A shooter's on the loose,He's got his gun,It's pointed at you.He pulled the fire alarm,To get you into the hall.Run back to your class,And lock your...
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Troubled by the shooting deaths of 17 students and staff at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Florida 3 days ago, I felt the need to chase some...
 A Shooter's On The Loose
Andrew Yoda
02/18/18 12:35:15AM @dnacodex:
This is a very powerful song Terry and Keith, great production and lyrics about a very scary, serious subject, which you have handled so well! Cheers, Andrew


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