I'm the Dreamer - Ron Bowes & Carol Sue

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genre: Blues
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creation date: 2018-01-28

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I'm The Dreamer  "I've always been the dreamer keeping those dreams inside  You've always been the one  to make me laugh until I cry.. silly me."   I've...
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Ron Bowes - Music and production. (Bass, Guitars, Keyboard, Blues harp and drum programming)Carol Sue Kirkpatrick - Lyrics and vocals.
I'm the Dreamer - Ron Bowes & Carol Sue
Michael Slider
11/22/23 02:04:39AM @michael-slider:
Sweet emotion!💌🤟
carol sue
02/22/21 07:00:51AM @carol-sue:
Haven't heard this one in a long time.
Seems I missed those nice comments~ thank you all so much! (time flies by way too fast ::sigh::)
Good to visit this one again. I like the vibes you created in the music.. thanks again @ron-bowes :)

04/03/18 06:29:59PM @david-c-deal:
04/03/18 03:25:19PM @lodato:
Just a great song! You two really shine together! This tune easily proves that!
02/20/18 07:10:45AM @akashaman:
cool track : love the wide guitars & vocal tricks :
its the blues , but its also contemporary :
great job guys !

Doug Dickens
02/17/18 01:17:19PM @doug-dickens:
real fine collab ... you two are a great combo
carol sue
01/31/18 08:14:14AM @carol-sue:
Farrell and Joseph~ thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment~ much appreciated!
Another thanks going out to Bowes for sharing his music with me.. you're awesome!!


01/30/18 06:14:35AM @josephrodz:
Great blues drinking and remember the old days,
you guys do a fine music couple indeed!

Farrell Jackson
01/29/18 04:36:52PM @farrell-jackson:
Very, very cool Ron and Carol Sue.....good music and good vocals ! I like how you used the panning on the vocals Ron.



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