watchout ft ricky

album: destination
genre: rock-warning
streams: 60

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switching systems so giving some things a remaster.....one of my faves, I just lit the fuse with some run downs and lane changes and ricky exploded so...
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ed-music and mumbling......ricky-awesome rhythm and lead guitar
watchout ft ricky
03/14/21 04:24:08PM @waveman:
hey ricky, this version is better than the original imo although my ears are getting ancient. lol I know what you mean with cellphones, another good one I see these crowds for whatever reason and they're all pointing their cellphones at each other...watchout! or you'll be on youtube. last time I was on a jobsite cellphones were the size of kleenex boxes, lol
03/14/21 11:12:01AM @wricky:
yep, I still blast this out along with "mad world" on job sites where new hires walk around carelessly playing with their cellphones , funny but not funny ,ha. Rock on Sir Ed ~cheers !!
Gary Dabrowski
02/28/21 09:35:02AM @gary-dabrowski:
very good!...I love this one Ricky!
02/27/21 06:55:55PM @stringking:
Love the changing beat, that drummer is great, great track and production.
Queen Regina
02/26/21 06:36:19AM @queen-regina:
This would make an awesome slot machine action. With some dynamic, "hit" extravaganza. Id be excited to jump on a slot machine called #Watchout
tony cee
02/25/21 02:41:17PM @tony-cee:
cracking rock tune , love the sound great mix and cool cool drums ,......cheers tony cee


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