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@BucTheGreat, 04/09/08 05:12:35PM
Thanks for taking time to give such a detailed feedback, Rapster.
I really appreciate it, and actually agree with you on the "overkill" aspect.
I`m usually not really into extended jams - being a guitarist of limited range/style,
but could not resist attempting to record an instrumental like this, trying
to make it sound/feel like a band freejammin` :)

Again, thanks for comment/feedback
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@BucTheGreat, 03/19/08 08:43:35PM
Hi Rapsterlito... thank you so much for your great indepth review - you understand our intentions so good! There will be a revanche a bit later, when I'm online again... and I'm looking forward to meet you again in Inge's show?!
Ciao, Pascalito
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@BucTheGreat, 02/17/08 02:21:01PM
thanks for the birthday message. i got one from margot today also. she is a sweetheart. Loren
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@BucTheGreat, 11/19/07 02:51:08PM
hey Rapster, I'm just now beginning to get a handle on all you do. Being a newb on the site had me a little twisted and your unorthodox page further twisted my feeble little brain. Well it's all starting to make a little sense now. David LaFlamme, yep. I've got one of his albums because I wanted the remake of White Bird. That must have been an interesting trip! The more I read what you say, how you say it and then listen to your music - your multi-dimensional embracing of almost anything musical...it sorta blows my (yes, little) brain away. You're with the program man! No one could ask for anything more... ~Blake, a Rapster fan
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@BucTheGreat, 11/16/07 12:04:43PM
guys I didn't realize anybody had signed here.. now we get an email notice (thanks D)so I'm here..
and I got say thanks very much for leaving such cool words in my guestbook.. david laflamme? I'll
tell you all I know rick.. lol.. cheers..
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@BucTheGreat, 11/16/07 08:48:56AM
Ahhhh Rapster - I can hear the life you've lived in your music. You are a creative and unique artist. I love your groove and harmonic approach, and hell, you play a guitar like an old jazz muso. If we lived in the same post code, I would be knocking down your door to play with you.
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@BucTheGreat, 11/11/07 05:41:24AM
Hi and welcome !
Have listen to your tracks and i must say that you have got your own style, some very cool, groovy, rockin ...... tracks with great playing and awesome arrangements.
Will be back for more.
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@BucTheGreat, 11/06/07 09:23:44AM
hi Joe,
I noticed in your bio that you played with David La Flamme. I was and still am
a big fan of Its A Beautiful Day. Were you involved with them? My wife and I did a cover of White Bird, one of our alltime favs.
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@BucTheGreat, 11/06/07 09:19:38AM
Hello Joe, wonderful to see you here. I love your Music and your Lyrics, thanks that you give me Inspiraten for my music...i wish you the best on this place, Sven
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@BucTheGreat, 11/04/07 10:54:21AM
hi joe tried to leave you a message on your page, but as you know useless with computers. Anyway good to see you bro, stay in touch now i hope, cheers for now mate all the best dave.