Ace Layton
Ace Layton

Transcripts of Time

album: Dreams of Tomorrow
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 321

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The opening segment of this song came from a song I wrote in my first prog rock band back in my teens named Computer Transcripts.  In 2007 I took that theme...
Transcripts of Time
03/21/13 10:01:08AM @josephrodz:
Great composition and playing,you rocks!
07/06/08 09:38:48PM @ked-records:
Ok.. i hear your influences.. but there is something else there yep it is this ultra freaking incredible MUSIC! Mr Giant.. what can i say.. the level of production.. musicianship and craftsmanship is increcedibly evident.

You certainly have a gifted set of hands not to mention a very gifted sense of composition and structure. I love music like this ..i can close my eyes and let it take me on a flight in my own mind. I am a fan Mr SiFi Art Man indeed i am a fan

05/17/08 10:31:52PM @henry-tarnecky:
Powerful... sturdy expression... skilled musical thought... so clean and exact... enjoyed the driving energy that really wraps around this one!
07/16/08 09:11:57PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Man, what a tune!!! Excellent all the way! I will have this one on my show this Saturday, July 19!

Awesome stuff, Sci!!!


01/08/08 03:31:24PM @brian-mattson:
Excellent, don't hear this kind of prog since ELP disappeared. I've tried, but can't put it together like you can! Great construction and sounds! I love anything with changing time signatures and feel. You should be proud of this one!!
11/19/07 10:37:12AM @bri-an:
Now you know i have heard this many times!! One of my absolute fav's!!
kickarse playing and delivey!! OH.. how i would love to jam ( "live" kicka$$ drums) on this monster si-fi! Any time you want bro!! I'm game!!
amazin flyin fingers!!

11/14/07 05:36:52PM @tcp:
Tight and hugely entertaining. Absolutely awesome use of rhythm wound up in wonderful keyboard melody magic. This belongs on Tarkus all the way. Incredible song! ~Blake
11/08/07 12:50:02PM @dicarlo-productions:

11/08/07 12:43:15PM @mark-cloutier:
transcripts of time! tight--very dramatic piece--those synth lines are killer!!!! progressive to the max!! great mood and production--cheers mr scifi man!! mark
11/02/07 05:11:14PM @ace-layton:
Wow, thanks so much for piling on guys! (you too Leeta!) I really apprecaite the kind comments of support! It means more to me than it probably should! :)

ReaperSG - Glad to meet you. I love how you take a deep interest in your review material and really look under the carpet for the soul of the song. You can expect to see my ugly mug over at your place soon, to return the favor! Thank you.

Leeta - (does anyone else ever find themselves singing Lovely Leeta meter maid...?) I really never had any vision of ELP while working on this one, but I love the compliment! On my song Early Warning I DID hear the link and hammed it up just a bit in that direction. :) But I'm really trying to create a unique sound all my own - must try harder... must escape past impressions... must work double shifts in studio! :)

Thevi - Thanks so much for the cool comparisons, so honored to be in such fine company! And I'm trying not to put flute in EVERY damned song! But glad to hear you like that passage. Be seeing you at your place soon. Thanks again!


Thevi Olin
11/02/07 02:19:31PM @thevi-olin:
TOT is a great SciFi prog song! It never gets dull, and thats because of loads of variation and great use of sounds. ELP meets Purple meets Dream Theater meets SciFi! The woodwinds/piano part are my favorite part of this song!! And the organ offcourse!!

11/02/07 01:32:20PM @l33ta:
this has to be my fa SciFi track!!! i still think of Emerson Lake and Palmer when i hear it....and that's a good thing! Transcripts of Time just moves flawlessly!!!
11/01/07 07:46:07PM @ace-layton:
Thanks FP. Yes, all the art work is my own. Hmmm, now you've put at a loss - I was planning on uploading different art (more hi-tech abstract), but now I'm not sure what to do! Hehe, problems, problems! Thanks again!


11/01/07 06:41:33PM @michael-nunley:
A nice ELP feel here .

Do you do all the art work for these ? Very cool.



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