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The story so far...

By SciFiArtMan, 2007-10-31

I began this venture here on Mixposure as SciFiArtMan under the band name Neomorphic Giant.  I changed the artist name to my own because it seemed the right time to do so, as many aspects of my life have changed recently. No big deal - still the same music with a slightly different point of view and focus.  Hope you enjoy what you hear!

Introduction: Although greatly influenced by artists in the progressive rock arena, these days I'm just letting the music flow in any direction the muses lead me! From soundtracks, to fusion, to pop, to electronic, to ambient, to new age, or experimental - I guess it's all a part of my inner spirit. Hopefully these efforts will be at least interesting, and at best inspiring to the brave listeners who may stray in my direction.

All sounds, composition, performance, etc. is just me, unless otherwise credited. Actually my son helped on Man Made Monster - so proud of that boy!!!

A Brief History: I've spent a lifetime in the music field playing bass guitar professionally for over 20 years, working with many legendary and Grammy-winning rock, pop, and fusion artists during that time. But this is the dawn of a new focus on other instruments and new ways of expressing the music that stirs the soul and excites the heart.

Musical Influences: Classic Yes, classic Genesis, Camel, UK, FM, Kayak, Gentle Giant, ELP, PFM, Jean Michel Jarre, The Beatles, Andres Vollenweider, Ultravox, Devo, Oingo Boingo, Lene Lovich, Bruce Woolley, New Musik, Art of Noise, Yello, Thomas Dolby, Steve Hackett, Liquid Tension Experiment, Souxsie and the Banshees, Tony Mansfield, Danny Elfman, Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Moricone, Nino Rota, and the list rolls on forever....

Closing Thoughts: Thank you for taking the time to listen my music.  I realize much of it is a bit of an acquired taste, and all I really ask is that you give it a chance and listen with an open mind for something a little different. I hope you will enjoy these tracks and I invite you to leave a brief message, so I'll know who has been here and how they found the experience. If you are an artist, be sure to include your music page link so I can sample your artistry as well. Thank you.

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