Ace Layton
Ace Layton

Hands of the Ocean

album: Dreams of Tomorrow
genre: Instrumental
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This is a very personal song about how elements beyond our control can guide our ultimate destiny.  The Hands of the Ocean can lift you up and carry you...
Hands of the Ocean
04/08/08 10:38:55PM @tcp:
Wonderful track filled with emotions most of which is uplifting to me. The song flows well with plenty of very smooth and grand melodies. This has got a beautiful feel and motion to it. Excellent writing and playing SFAM. Would just love to hear some new stuff too! (hint) ~Blake
Doctor C
12/18/07 07:43:05PM @doctor-c:
Tremendous track! So musical, gentle and noble. Its mesmerizingly smooth flow has such a relaxing and soothing effect. A work of the master!
11/25/07 10:06:25PM @tlt50:
Beautifully orchestrated..........outstanding mix and production.Enchanting melody line which embrasses the listener. This is a great track ! Well done
Rob Grant
11/14/07 07:02:21PM @rayon-vert:
and yes.......again. This is one of your BEST, for sure. This has such a great emotional melody.......LOVE IT!!


11/01/07 05:50:36PM @ace-layton:
Thank you Rob so much. I really appreciate your input on helping me decide which version to pick at the end. This song really came out almost exactly as I had envisioned it - which doesn't always happen for me. It's a very personal song, that really expresses the complex emotions I feel about life's great adventures, or at least part of the way I feel. I guees my more firey songs are another part too! :) Thanks for dropping by and spreading some cheer!


Rob Grant
11/01/07 05:07:20PM @rayon-vert:
Doc........this is one of your BEST, IMHO. I LOVE this song. It fits for about any mood I've had. I LOVE your choice of the final mix. I am SO GLAD you found your way here :-)



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