Ace Layton
Ace Layton

Man Made Monster

album: Dreams of Tomorrow
genre: Halloween 2010
streams: 142

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Aaaaaaah!!!  (actually done on synth  )
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This is a song for Halloween.  My first collaboration with my son (13 - he did the wind and thunder) which makes me proud as punch!  Trying to capture a...
Man Made Monster
Rob Grant
10/22/10 02:20:35PM @rayon-vert:
WILD!!! Lots of power in the performance here. ACE!!! I'm so glad you're still musicing.....hehehehehe. THis song has it all......Freakin' AWESOME!!! It's so cool to see you work with your son.....MAN!!! I know that makes you HAPPY!!

10/09/10 06:14:42PM @devodale:
Very Nice!! Great use and production of all instruments. Great Thunder and Wind!! Super Razzy synth in the beginning sets it up for visions of Terminatorish demeanor. I like the different changes.... the synth lead is hot. Very FINE Halloween song.
Lyrical Princess
10/09/10 05:37:02PM @lyrical-princess:
Cool Intro.. Love the scream :) Very nice changes throughout the song.. A pleasure to listen.. Spook-tacular ~

All The Best,

10/05/10 01:56:32PM @cooter:
What an enjoyably interesting piece of music. Love the choices of sounds. The thunder and wind certainly add to tunes vibe. Congrats to you and your son on this well done tune, Ace. A great listen.


10/04/10 10:14:32PM @tlt50:
Extrodinary musicianship....and song creation...!!! Sweeet organ riffs and kind of tune.:))Polished production.....damn' man.....diggin' the synth work.... fabulous...major !!!! INCREDIBLE keyboard performances... AWESOME *****,the changes reallly worked..:))

Larry T/Wolf

10/04/10 04:11:54PM @dave-meredith:
Cool piece of synth based electronica!!... Drums have that HUGE 80s punch and the bassline reminds me of an 90s action film.. I was not execting that organ breakdown, sweet though, i thought it worked, esp with the light storm backing swaying away behind the organ... That ending melody is really good....old school video game melody.. i love stuff like that...

Thanks for sharing..


10/04/10 04:10:29PM @eshar:
I used to hide behind the sofa or cover my eyes when horrors were on...but there's no hiding for me with this track. It's spookily good. You should be proud of your son and yourself... a very well put together instrumental.


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