Ace Layton
Ace Layton

Legend of Man

album: Dreams of Tomorrow
genre: Progressive Rock
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This song is dedicated to my buddy Rob Grant.  Rob always liked the long form song, and I was thinking of him when I wrote this.  Rob's health crisis of a...
Legend of Man
Rob Grant
07/16/08 04:36:27PM @rayon-vert:
GREAT!!! To see this song completed...OK!!! Proud to be # 2!! Great intro to tell a musical story of "The Legend of Man". This is exciting.....change at 3:40.....WHEW!!! VERY TIGHT arrangement.....and very flowing......excellent transitions, you just keep the listener on the edge throughout. GREAT TRACK, DOC NEO!!!! LOVE IT!! If there's a DL,......going for the one......hehehehehehehehehe!! Doc, this has it all!! Now, I need to have a concert with NEO G and TCP.....whew!!! Rob's ProgFest!!!

07/16/08 01:58:23PM @tcp:
Yes...the first one! Incredible magestic melody right from the gate - very memorable and satisfying. Love the 3:40 ELPish change with awesome KB playing, then to about 5:15 where serenity and lush atmospherics overtake. Beautifully conceived, and then at 6:30 a quick transition to another theme at about 7:00. Traditional classical lines abound and again the melody is very distinct and allowed to fully blossom and morph to grand scale prior to the 10:30 finish line. Wow SFAM.....

This is just an exquisite piece. Majestic, memorable, and so finely linked with great classical form..this fantastic adventure cannot go out of style. It is SO obvious alot of thought went it to this thoroughly intelligent design (considering the title - no pun intended). Love the movements, love the melodies, the sound, playing,'s all great. You really have this whole thing buttoned down. The flow from movement to movement is great with alot of cool transitional work.

A gorgeous piece I wish I had written. And your performance is so wonderful here. AWESOME my friend!!! And thanks for the DL ;-)~Blake

07/16/08 09:08:07PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Hey Sci, that's one heck of an epic, man! I really dig all the synth work. Great movements within the piece. I'll have to listen to more of your stuff .. been a while since I have and I don't want to miss out on any real goodies, like this jewel here! Perfect all the way!



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