Ace Layton
Ace Layton


album: Dreams of Tomorrow
genre: Instrumental
streams: 159

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This is a song about a man feeling a bit lost in his life of solitude, who one day by chance, gently brushes into a lovely lady at a bookstore. As he...
10/11/08 04:27:27PM @tcp:
Love that story in the info section about this tune..and how it relates to the title. And the music matches these ideas so well SFAM. Fabulous job. Your music inspires imagination so vividly. It is ripe with melody and counter-melody. The interplay of piano, strings and then the added flute is just super. Playing and production is top notch. A really beautiful song full of hope. I swear this is soundtrack ready. I can easily hear this in any classical love story such as Franco Ziffarelli's Romeo & Juliet...a movie I loved. Bravo!!! So happy you're creating. You've got a gift my friend. ~Blake
10/11/08 06:25:43AM @emphyrio:
Great grand piano intro...The synths coming in gest beautifull.
Very dreamy song and the flute uplift the song to a higher level.

Good production and mastering job.

Emphyrio :=)

Rob Grant
10/09/08 08:04:13PM @rayon-vert:
Absolutely....FINE!!! Doc, you knew I would LOVE this one. A sweet piano melody with lush strings and the flute was absolutely heavenly. A peaceful song and VERY romantic too. Many BRAVOS to you, DOC!!! and THANKS for the DL!!! :-)

10/09/08 08:38:33PM @test200:
Dreams of what may be, beautiful scenery captured through the strings. The ambient flute echoing over the landscape to create a wonderous melody. Mighty fine arrangement that paints a picture of beauty..well done...and I love the


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