Ace Layton
Ace Layton

A Laurel On My Heart

album: Dreams of Tomorrow
genre: Instrumental
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A song inspired by a family tragedy, but a song also full of hope and strength - or that was the intention.
A Laurel On My Heart
10/26/10 07:45:09AM @mel:
Love the piano, always a favourite of mine. Soft and gentle angelic vocals that give shivvers. Beautiful and touching piece of music Ace. You can feel the emotion, very touching and from your heart. Love it. Wishing you well, Melsi
10/22/10 03:06:03PM @dave-meredith:
Love the 80s style intro but the piano is a beauty... The lead vocal ( synth vocal) is top class... sits so well in the mix.. Its a piece of music that allows the listener to picture his or hers own scene... Really enjoyed this, thank you.


Rob Grant
10/22/10 02:15:11PM @rayon-vert:
ACE!!!! MAN!!! It's GREAT to hear you again. You play and write with such feeling and emotion. This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of music. EXCELLENT Come back!!!

10/22/10 02:12:57PM @cooter:
Such a beautiful piece of music. Love this melody. Everything is so nicely done, as is the case on your other music I've heard, Ace. What a pleasure listening to this song.



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