Another Color of Gray (Steven L. Banasick)
Another Color of Gray (Steven L. Banasick)
Another Color of Gray (Steven L. Banasick)

Where I Drew A Line

album: Fading To Gray
genre: Songwriter
streams: 38

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Ya Know there ain’t no reason to fault meWhen you don’t even know me.And there ain’t no reason to talk about mewe’ve never exchanged a word.See there ain’t...
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Sometimes things just won't work out. You can't fix broken. Hearts get hurt. People change, Some for the better and others just get worse....   But someone...
Where I Drew A Line
Another Color of Gray
09/27/17 12:45:02PM @another-color-of-gray:
Thanks Farrell... I hope that you enjoyed it. I really like this site and Thanks to another mixposure client Ron D Bowes for bring me here.. I look forward to releasing the next single which is heading out of the producers hands this week..

Thank You !!

Farrell Jackson
09/27/17 11:01:26AM @farrell-jackson:
In reading your reply to Doug: I do find this a worthy song. It's got emotion and feeling throughout.....those are the things I listen for. A fine song and welcome to Mixposure!


Another Color of Gray
09/26/17 05:07:54PM @another-color-of-gray:
Thanks Doug...
Glad you enjoyed it. This is the first release from my new album "Fading to Gray" . It's taken quite some time for this to come together. I'd like also extend thanks and give recognition to Grand Space Adventure in the absolute beauty of producing these works...
I hope everyone finds it to be a worthy song... Again..Thank you for opening the door for me..

Doug Dickens
09/26/17 04:13:33PM @doug-dickens:
Great sound and song. Welcome to Mixposure


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