Ariels Attic
Ariels Attic
Ariels Attic

Blackmore Road

album: Tragic Tales
genre: Metal/ Heavy Metal
streams: 351
creation date: 2018-05-25

Blackmore Road
Michael Slider
06/14/21 07:20:55PM @michael-slider:
Love your Groove !!!
04/28/20 10:39:17AM @stoney---ian-burrage:
Cool track guys ... nice pace and power ... love it
Gary Dabrowski
08/19/18 03:27:12PM @gary-dabrowski:
heard this on the radio show last it!
06/03/18 04:31:21PM @wricky:
you folks are so gifted musically and here you bring in even more unexpected elements with this is exciting to think what you all will do next
carol sue
06/01/18 09:44:37AM @carol-sue:
Stopped by for another listen and a nice warm congratulations for the song of the week (and more!) :)
05/30/18 07:05:16PM @gary-hart:
Indeed great musicianship! Awesome to see this song of the week! Solid vocals and performance by all! Rock on! \m/ \m/
Ariels Attic
05/29/18 08:21:19AM @ariels-attic:
Thanks so much everyone!
Farrell Jackson
05/26/18 11:33:18AM @farrell-jackson:
I dig the song, style and including the sax is a fantastic production decision Mike! Jenn's vocals are always spot on. Rock and run with it Ariel's Attic!


carol sue
05/26/18 06:00:48AM @carol-sue:
Over the top of impressive!
Most excellent~ Bravo! :)

05/26/18 05:07:05AM @ronbowes:
Top job from a top outfit!
05/25/18 03:21:06PM @kephas:
Good work folks!
05/25/18 03:19:42PM @tlt50:
😎🤗🎵🎙️🤗😎..... I really enjoyed all the amazing talents on this. The mixing, arranging, and production, were superb. # 2 for the new album. Excellent.
Barefoot Music
05/25/18 03:07:07PM @barefoot-music-group:
Y'all never disappoint!


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