Ariels Attic
Ariels Attic
Ariels Attic

Against My Will

album: Tragic Tales
genre: Metal/ Heavy Metal
streams: 340
creation date: 2019-07-17

  Song Lyrics
Against My Will I bear the scars of a million miles I wear the mask of a hundred smiles And though I try to reconcile  The memory holds me here Against my...
Against My Will
carol sue
03/05/20 11:34:12AM @carol-sue:
Congratulations Artist of the month (and more!) :)
Over the top of excellence~ Bravo!

08/16/19 05:27:55PM @kephas:
Great work guys 'n gal...
Powerful intro and stimulating vocal entry...strong production and a mix that begs to be heard through monster speakers! I'm trying to get my head around the lyrics...but I can't... :( I guess you had to be there. This is very 'slick' ! Kudos to all of you... :)

Farrell Jackson
07/20/19 09:56:59AM @farrell-jackson:
Another fine song by Ariel's Attic. I do like the lyric on this one. Jenn's voice is as strong as ever and the guitars are just as strong. All put together very professionally!


Gary Dabrowski
07/19/19 03:02:15PM @gary-dabrowski:
a lot going on in this one...quite a production...very good!


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