Ashelyn Summers
Ashelyn Summers

Willful Amnesia

album: Willful Amnesia
genre: Acoustic
streams: 202
creation date: 2010-11-13

  Song Lyrics
Verse 1:These words are so dear to meBlended like a symphonyThey are the last words that he saidBefore I chose to forgetVerse 2:These rules are so clear to...
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Music by Ashelyn SummersLyrics by Ashelyn Summers and Marissa GrigonisVocals by Ashelyn SummersPiano by Jennifer TakahashiCello by Daniel LeeBass by Chris...
Willful Amnesia
tony cee
02/16/19 03:59:24PM @tony-cee:
fantastic song great production , clear as a bell superb ...tony cee
01/01/18 01:13:24PM @ms-p:
Ashelyn, I apologize for the double comments. I messed up my first account.
I went in search of songs I'd rated and commented on and this one is one of those.
I listened to it for the second time and was more captivated by it this time than before and
simply love the vocals, lyrics, and execution of the arrangement.
Simply put, Love it very much!

12/25/17 10:01:55AM @msp:
Oh the emotions that were stirred by this piece.

Wonderfully sung and composed.

11/15/14 06:33:25PM @bustert:
Very beautiful song! And a lot of emotions in this wonderful voice with nice strings and pianos! It`s a must have on the playlist!
11/16/10 11:03:18AM @marie-dailly:
Beautiful. There are no superlatives that can do justice to this amazing talent! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Ashelyn, you have one of the most beautiful voices I ever had the pleasure to listen to!

11/14/10 08:13:00AM @lodato:
Gosh, what a gorgeous voice you have. A beautiful song. I'm really moved.
11/14/10 06:17:05PM @bigpete:
wow pure musical beauty, great emotion, somehow this reminds me of Evanescence, probably the great vocal performance and arrangements, I could really hear some electric guitars on this almost arrange in a ochestra style, what a moving song, I'd love to play this on my mixposure radio show and share your talent with other mixposure artists, if you wish you can send me an mp3 of the track here, , my show is The Ride With BigPete on mondays.


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