Reverie Metier

album: Chillaxation
genre: Ambient
streams: 39

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3 part piano w strings - part 1
Reverie Metier
sly puppy
05/10/16 03:27:20PM @emocion:
Slightly short so far on this one I'll try to listen and give you some feedback which adds or may even subtract depending on the track...,

I'm not averse to writing beautiful little pieces like this one myself I like to think of them as my music box pieces.
The shimmering delayed piano backdrop is lush I like it a lot it gives you a sweet tapestry to flow over - the piano lines that you have woven into this piece are also very nicely done not over bearing never stealing to much of the limelight almost just "being"
Your string arrangement is also very thoughtful in that it's always there adding a touch of colour without making its presence clear at any given time ....

It's a lovely piece that's no doubt been lovingly put together in a moment of joy or maybe pain ...

Like this it's paints pictures in the listeners mind and let's them go where ever they want great work all around well composed/produced showing a musician who knows how to get the sound palette spit on

12/31/15 04:37:38PM @gene-smith:
Very soothing, nicely done!


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