New Collaboration

By Hydrogen3, 2019-01-13

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!  I have some sounds and loops on freesound.org I have posted for a free use on media projects music projects etc. I got a reply on one of my sounds from a artist call Flat Battery. They did a mix and added lyrics. I really love what they did with the tracks so I had to share it. Hope you like it. https://soundcloud.com/flatbattery/good-time

it was a very nice surprise. 

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS Mixposure Fans!

By Hydrogen3, 2017-12-24

In appreciation of your support!
Free Album download on Kicktone - includes some of my latest releases Upbeat Techno/funk and alternative
Download at - http://hydr0gen3.kicktone.com/bhymy/working-it-out

Sit back and Chillax Easy Listening Podcast on Podbean:
Stream or free download

Wishing you all the best in 2018!

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Vocals, Bass & Drums by Papi (Paul Bengston) - Denmark
Keys and Synths by Hydrogen 3 (Holley Hall) - US
Lyrics by Mellina Barnett - UK

This song started out as a soft rock with a dramatic feel original track Like Stardust - Original Instrumental Track It ended up being revised to fit in with the lyrics written by professional writer Mellina Barnett from the UK. She has worked with many musicians via collaborations via internet sites much like Soundclick. Some of her latest Music can be found here:  Mel or here on Mixposure Mel .

Paul Bengston is a very talented vocalist and songwriter. He did a Fabulous job with our collaboration "Like Stardust" More of his music can be found here:  Papi

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Mixposure Holiday 2015

By Hydrogen3, 2015-12-13

Last year my sister in law Jessica McGreevy wrote a Christmas poem and sent it out to all her family and friends. I liked it so much I decided to surprise her and turn it into a Christmas Song. :)

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New Video

By Hydrogen3, 2015-02-15

I recently posted a new video on YouTube.... first one done a long time. If you like classical music this one is for you! :) A seasonal Journey with Allegro in C   

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Remix Project 2014

By Hydrogen3, 2014-03-31

Starting over on a clean slate of new remixes of old/new stuff...some you may have never heard before coming soon! 

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