Ashelyn Summers
Ashelyn Summers

Sunday Morning

album: Sunday Morning
genre: Acoustic
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Sunday Morning
05/27/16 08:22:17PM @hydrogen3:
Vocals are Beautiful! love the the piano and orchestration with it! enjoyed this! :)
11/16/10 05:01:23PM @dave-meredith:
Stunning song.... Its not something i would listen to before but one thing that cant be taken away, no matter whether this is a persons type of music or not "THIS IS TOP CLASS"... your voice is truly sublime, so much character and style, you use your voice like a full instrument, the kind of voice that can bring any song to life!! passion, thats the word im looking for!!..

The backing music is no slouch either, great music, nice emotion and again, bags of passion!!...

This should be making money, alot of money!!

Thank you for sharng this stunning track!


11/16/10 10:56:49AM @marie-dailly:
Ashelyn, it is a privelege to be able to listen to you and your band!
The amazing talent you all show is awe-inspiring!
This song brought me to tears (again)!

11/16/10 10:50:52AM @bluesydude:
Another impeccable performance from every member. I love your voice and the string ensemble just makes your sound complete. Please pass my appreciation to your musical group and thank you again for sharing your talents with us.
11/16/10 10:31:43AM @bigpete:
I'm sure it took hours of practice to master your voice like this, you do have some incredable modulations, and of course the music is amazing and so well produced, great harmonizing, pure beauty once more, thanks for your presence in chat yesterday it was fun to have you there.
11/16/10 06:06:32PM @miguel-a-wilder:
Very moving. I connected right away, the soft piano hooked me, and the voice kept me listening.

Well done.


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