Ashelyn Summers
Ashelyn Summers

Broken Man

album: Broken Man
genre: Rock
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Broken Man
12/02/10 02:31:43PM @josephrodz:
WOW!!! youre gonna go to the top with this awesome voice and music.

11/26/10 12:48:26AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Please send me your music, I would like to play it on my Saturday Nigh show! You're amazing! And i have a piece of music that needs your vocals & lyrics :)
11/16/10 10:58:54AM @marie-dailly:
All I can say is PLEASE give us more!!

11/15/10 04:35:25PM @bigpete:
yes now thats what I meant with the guitars on the other track and understand why you did not go with it, you have such talent its scary, and damn it you even have the looks, life is not fair, lol. I joined your page thanks for the link and the tracks I will be doing a special feature on you tonight on my show right here on Mixstream radio, just click on the chat link on top and your there, my show is from 8 to midnight ET, I'll be featuring your two tracks that are on mixposure, peace.
11/15/10 04:22:55PM @bluesydude:
Now this is some sweet rock. Sparkling vocal performance supported by sensual strings on the verses and then totally rocked out with guitar and drums on the bridge and chorus. The ending with the voice and piano is a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing.
11/15/10 05:36:34PM @tlt50:
WOW....major talents...on this track. Songwriting....vocals are superb. You've got a great group of musiciains that know how to deliver music....AWESOME.Beautifully produced....this track has it all....What a pleasure,,,:) thx for sharing this...!!

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