AvMo - The Final Act (Official Music Video)

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:26
Official Music Video for "The Final Act" - written and performed by AvMo. This video is about the last chapter in one's life. We want to show the struggle of approaching the end and the idea that a true rocker always perseveres.

Made with love by a creative team who are just like family.
Director: Adam Avrashi
Line Producer: Kimberly Lamontagne
Colorist: Nitin Khajotia

I’m in the final quarter
These are my final downs
I’ve got to up the score now
While Im still around

Can’t wait for tomorrow
A promise no one can keep
A whisper saying later
My later will never be

It’s time to take the plunge
Into the unknown
The water may be freezing
Anticipation grows

One more roll of the dice
Before I cash in my chips
Kiss them and let them fly
Before I walk away

As I look further back
Tomorrow’s view grows dim
I let the memories envelope me
A calm before the din

The final act is coming
Rehearsals no longer matter
I take a deep breath
And marvel
As the black curtain opens


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