Let Me Be The One

album: Love Is A Rock
genre: R&B
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Opening Chorus:Let me beLet me beLet me be the oneLet me beLet me beLet me be the one First Verse: Let me be the one to take you away from hereYour knight...
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Let Me Be The One - ft. Bilbozo/BillyD/Buddrumming/Slap JohnsonLead Vocals/Backing Vocals BillyD - Sax Slap Johnson - Guitars/Keys/Bass/Backing Vocals...
Let Me Be The One
Brett Service
10/15/13 10:39:22PM @brett-service:
A lot of soul in that voice of yours Aysha! Amazing track! peace, Brett
03/04/08 04:50:29PM @stratoace:
RADIO READY...a great song....i feel this..i would buy this.MUCH PROPS..
03/04/08 03:52:48PM @chrickon:
Great R&B track !! Great production and arrangement!!Very smooth!
Excellent in all ways.


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