Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Babylon Mystery Orchestra

Eye Of The Needle

album: The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy of Satanic Christianity
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 682

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Eye Of The NeedleSidney Allen Johnson(ASCAP)Father Gene got his wayMade his church obscene todayHe chose who he'd obey and who he would betrayOh he loved his...
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The Rev. V. Eugene Robinson and the Rev. Fred Phelps are immortalized in song as they and their televangelist counterparts are used as pawns in this...
Eye Of The Needle
11/12/10 01:08:18PM @obiwandk:
great work i just love this track it is nice and catchy good job
04/06/09 12:59:41PM @mark-reed:
This is brilliant in just about every way, the instrumentation just talks to you. The vocals are excellent. Guys you created yourselves one hell of a number. Really enjoyed this one. Very well done


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