Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Babylon Mystery Orchestra


album: The Godless, The Godforsaken and the God Damned
genre: Heavy Metal
streams: 1,248

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 CATSPAWSidney Allen Johnson(A.S.C.A.P.)SycophantDo Your DanceDeceive me if you think you canCatspawSuperstarCelebrityBy what right do you lecture...
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Celebrities get what's coming to them for using their fame as a platform for promoting their pet political causes.
04/05/10 06:30:53PM @siphaeon:
Good sounds, nice arrangement and overall good work. Only vocals are bit lazy since the song strongly has that Judas Priest type of vibe and could really benefit from more bold vocals instead of reading-the-book-type speaking. Anyways, not that bad at all.
02/12/10 02:32:20PM @bigpete:
First I want to say I think the track kicks ass, great hook great performance from all, I hope what I mention next wont offend you but I had massive flashback of Spinal Tap listening to the track could even envision this udge Catspaw swinging around the stage and wiping everybody of the stage, lol, like I said I hope this analogie with Spinal Tap offends you because I truly think this is a great fun metal track, good work.
12/22/10 07:44:52AM @chthonian:
Cool arrangement,nice crunchy guitars. The vocal delivery is quite unique and has a tongue in cheek feel that i really dig,which i guess you were going for since the song is called cats claw! Good work :)


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