Say Goodbye

album: Duet2it
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 200
creation date: 2008-01-27

  Song Lyrics
None yet. Mostly loose lines of confused thoughts(and a feeling)
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Song about someone dying and the last drifting voice they hear is"You have gained much from this life.but there is one lesson unfinished" "You have not...
Say Goodbye
02/21/08 10:16:32AM @tcp:
Just a great song and performance...beautiful, hands down killer prog. Great soundscape and arrangement with a nice build of emotion. Everything you could want in any instrumental prog piece. Awesome my prog brothers...~Blake
01/28/08 09:24:30PM @dazed:
Man this is a sweet tune. brilliant production and arrangement. love the way this sounds. truly a fantastic piece. great guitar playing...well all instruments exactly.

what a great listen.

01/28/08 04:18:50AM @diva:
Wow! A very impressive song, and so compelling, it simply forces you to jump on and ride it through the end. Very nice blend of instruments, dynamics, and sounds. Lots of texture here, and I especially love the riffing a couple of minutes or so into this. I'm glad I didn't miss this one.


01/27/08 08:45:21PM @rob-hanlon:
Great production and performance. Nice changes and just really good music. Well done!
01/27/08 08:26:14PM @tlt50:
Beautiful choice and blend of instruments.Lovely progression and melody lines. Then,the switch to the heavier guitars was awesome. Great build up with an outstanding finish...Well done !!!!

Larry T..........

01/27/08 07:59:42PM @henry-tarnecky:
Full sound.... well constructed and delivered with some real emotional swells.... I love the themed aspect and then the rockin drive just after 2:00 only to get more energetic in flight soaring to the finish ... nice mix and recording quality too... very well done!
01/27/08 06:10:01PM @robert-smith:
Now this is a good sound! Excellent work - so easy to listen too. A great feel and mood as well. All extremely well composed and constructed. Excellent solo work too!

Great stuff

01/27/08 06:04:03PM @bardo:
Thanks for the listen Peter!
Rob Grant
01/27/08 06:03:31PM @rayon-vert:
I have to say......I'm glad I came across your other music today. I just freaked to see a new song up....Right off...A super production! The guitar chords are so full and smooth. Lots of PUNCH in the bass and drums. VERY POWERFUL Strings.......awesome guitar work.....the song itself is EXTREMELY well written, arranged, and performed. A BIG FAVE, ALREADY!! AND!! Again, THANKS, for Sharing your music.

01/28/08 08:09:33AM @michael-nunley:
Hey, what a great start to my morning ! This is top notch. Thanks !


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