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Scotty Noodles

For the Birds

album: Trees Are Good
genre: space funk
streams: 71
creation date: 2015-05-16
purchase: wav, 29.5MB, 00:02:55
For the Birds
01/01/18 04:42:02PM @ms-p:
Oh...btw, love the guitar fx...wonderfully blended...sorta put the spice in this...great...want more...

Ms. P

01/01/18 04:40:46PM @ms-p:
Oh my...another needle from the haystack of new muzik...
This is another kewl track...Scotty, I like this a lot and love where it takes my mind...
Very nice indeed.

Scotty Noodles
05/25/15 07:48:11PM @scotty-noodles:
Thank you! I enjoy your comments.
Barefoot Music
05/23/15 01:24:42PM @barefoot-music-group:
Really dig how the intro takes the listener subtly into the organ melody, delightfully snuck up on me.
Really sweet tune. Spinning it this Sunday, May 24.


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