Soaring Still

album: Duet2it
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 148
creation date: 2008-07-31

  Song Lyrics
Losing your dreams and starting to fall.........But don't awaken in time,Close your eyes,Dream inside,Starting to find yourself in the way........You start...
Soaring Still
08/01/08 07:09:54AM @dazed:
sweet guitar work!! for a minute I thought reaper was playing hehe. vocals are working well. I am feeling a moody blues feel as well. enjoyed the tune. some great playing happening!
Rob Grant
08/01/08 04:31:19AM @rayon-vert:
Been looking forward to this and NOT let down AT ALL.....WOW!!! This is an EXCELLENT Production and arrangement. I love the soft choir and string orchestration with the acoustic kind of has a Moody Blues feel. The arrangement with your dynamics is awesome......I loved the synth solo and the way you built the whole song, instrumentally, from that point on......AWESOME!!! The vocals were GREAT and I loved recording! SUPERB JOB, GUYS!!! +++++

08/02/08 07:52:23AM @wrightdude:
Very cool psychedelic sounds! Particularly liked the turns in the instrumental parts... Synth lead at 3:10 gorgeous! Nice build at the end with the guitars.... enjoyed!


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