album: Duet2it
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 62
creation date: 2010-12-26

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DebacleWash the sleep stained eyes that gaze upon my face.Watch this week’s headlines that rage across my page.DEBACLEUrge my car in line to find the waiting...
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Emi novelty song with sound effects I had made myself.popping sounds, water heater claning etc....Basically, again, the message about looking around and...
01/09/11 11:11:24AM @tcp:
A bit of eccentricity never hurts anyone. In fact it makes the song shine where ordinary songs wouldn't. Very creative...and I like the adjective 'trippy' for it. Wonderful piece of work with both sensitivity and an edge. ..B
Sandy Gritt
12/28/10 08:19:30PM @sandy-gritt:
This is so cool! Trippy, progressive with just a touch of humour. I can dig this groove big time.
Rob Grant
12/28/10 04:01:09AM @rayon-vert:
YES!!! Da dow, wow wow wow!!! LOVED IT!!! As always the vox are strong, the performance is tight.......and I LOVED your chord progressions and some new "riffs". Bass lines and persussion is GREAT!!! GREAT SONG and PRODUCTION!!!
As always......THANKS for the download. MUCH APPRECIATED!!
Hope you guys are doing well :-)


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